Malcolm X, during his last months, stressed the importance of taking an international view of what’s going on in the world. He said that once you look into the international arena, you will see that the problem of black people in America is inseparable from the problem of oppressed people all over the world. If we only look into what is happening in America, we are severely limiting our scope.

He said that the struggle has elevated from a black and white problem, to one of the exploited against the exploiter, the oppressed against the oppressor. What they are revolting against is the power structure, which he described as the combined powers of American and European Imperialism. It is this structure, or house, that formerly enslaved the dark world, and is now trying to revert back to its old order. And what is stopping it is the uncompromising struggle the oppressed are waging against it.

He predicted that Capitalism would create such terrible conditions that it would eventually cause its own destruction. His prediction is that the west would eventually boil down to a huge showdown against the oppressed peoples of the world. Today we are seeing this global rebellion.

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